Most technical documentation is done directly in the source. A webpage is extracted from these sources every night. The link to this page is available on the left.

The quick starter guide is a document that I update on-the-fly. It is very much hands-on. Peano's fundamental algorithmic ideas were first described in a concise format in the book A Framework for Parallel PDE Solvers on Multiscale Adaptive Cartesian Grids (see picture above). I strongly appreciate if you buy the book, however there's also a download version. More and more recent information is available in an excerpt from my habilitation that you can download for free.


A paper describing the fundamental algorithmic ideas of Peano is

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while the arXiv preprint below describes its software architecture/paradigms.

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Other software

If you search for information how to use Peano in the context or together with other software, please consult the webpages of the respective software (PeanoClaw or ExaHyPE) or have a quick look into the quick start guide (for PETSc).