All Peano files are hosted at and can be downloaded from this page or due to the deep links below. Alternatively, you may check out the data directly from the repository:


The PDT is available at


It is based upon the tool DaStGen embedded into the jar file. If you build the PDT yourself, you might have to download DaStGen's jar files separately.

The Peano checkout comes along with all unit and integration tests which are ran prior to any upload. You can assume that the download version/versions in the repository all are stable. The archive online does not depend on any third-party library besides MPI/TBB/OpenMP headers and libs.

Note: Many supercomputing centres do block the standard svn port. In this case, you will receive an svn timeout. You then have to use http.

svn checkout peano-code


The software of the ExaHyPE project relies on Peano as adaptive mesh refinement (AMR) backbone. You find the sources at the project's webpage.


The software PyClaw can use Peano as adaptive mesh refinement (AMR) backbone. For this, you have to add PeanoClaw to your PyClaw installation. You find the description of the package at
The deep link to the installation is 


I provide two types of examples. On the one hand, very basic examples are described in detail in Peano's Quick Start Guide. For the stuff discussed there, I also provide source code snippets. On the other hand, I bundle the source code of some bigger projects in the Gallery & Demo Code sections. These examples are more sophisticated however not documented/explained that carefully, i.e. working through them might be more laborious than working with the Quick Start Guide.

Deep Links

Here are some deep links to Peano's sourceforge site.

peano.tar.gz Peano Mandatory Peano C++ sources for all applications
pdt.jar Peano Development Tools (PDT) Mandatory for Peano developers
pdt.tar.gz Peano Development Tools (PDT) - Java Sources Optional