Funding, roadmap & support

Peano evolved from my Ph.D. project and was used by a couple of research projects throughout the years. Because of its open source license/paradigm, work from these projects helped to maintain and extend the software. The most significant grants are enlisted below. Because of the software's non-commercial character, there is no real support available: this is not a community service but an active research topic and enabler of its own. However, the maillist provides a good starting point to ask for help, there is a quick starter available, and we are always open for discussions on future features and fixes, as we appreciate if others use the tool.

Research projects HPC projects
2015-2019 ExaHyPE - An Exascale Hyperbolic PDE Engine
European Horizon 2020 project
2015 Patchwork Family: A Patch-based Parallel Manycore Version of the Finite Cell Method
The Beacon Project/Univ.~of Tennessee and Oak Ridge National Lab
2013 Development of load-balancing schemes for a particle in cell solver, and an adaptive mesh-refined Maxwell solver
PRACE Preparatory Access
2011-2013 PaTriG - Particle Transport Simulation in the Grid
made by the GCS Supercomputer at Leibniz Supercomputing Centre
2009-2014 Virtual Arabia and Visual High Performance Computing and Simulating CO2 Sequestration
2008 Particle Transport in a Drift Ratchet as an Application Example for High Performance CFD and FSI
DEISA (Distributed European Infrastructure for Supercomputing Applications) DECI
2004-2008 Modellierung und Weiterentwicklung von Mikropumpen
German Research Foundation

Peano's roadmap is driven solely by the research interest and research projects of the developers. Specific requests concerning upcoming features should be addressed to the project's mail (info(at) Currently, the following items have highest priority:

  • Enhance the software's suitability to multi-Xeon Phi capabilities.
  • Study the software's scaling on SuperMUC. Dynamic load balancing is of particular interest. This will not be available through Peano - Peano provides interfaces to plug in load balancing - but will feedback on this interface and eventually lead into a toolbox made available here.
  • Identify software requirements w.r.t. hyperbolic equation system solvers based upon patches, i.e. embedded regular Cartesian grids.
  • Document the usage to help other developers with rapid prototyping.