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All continuous integration data below stems from Peano’s fourth generation (P4). The stable, frozen third generation is not covered by CI.

Build status

Peano4 requires MPI_THREAD_MULTIPLE in the MPI implementation. If a server does not provide this level, the unit tests may pass (otherwise we display a fail), but the code won't be as efficient as it could be.

Performance regression tests

Regular grid on the unit square. No simulation data/PDE solved but the code adds an artificial number of floating point operations per cell.

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Tool support

HPC software development would be impossible without proper tools support. This means, obviously, commercial tools by major vendors and players in the field. However, it also includes research tools that really help us to make our codes better. We want to acknowledge that we in particular rely on the following open source tools for our work:

RRZE-HPC / likwid