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We do not provide support for the software in a commercial sense. We however have a few routes for support.

Frequently asked questions

Before you submit requests to the dashboard or issue tracking, please consult the guidebook’s FAQ and Troubleshooting section. See the Documentation link above for a copy of the guidebook. We have collected typically questions there and we also give some hints what type of setting might work for particular supercomputers.

Issues, change requests and bugs

If you want to raise issues, please request repository write access. This will give you permissions to create your own software branches, so you can sketch fixes and issue merge requests, and it will grant you access to our issue tracker. Through issues, we also track ideas about future directions how the code shall evolve.

Chatting with the developers

We have a developer Slack channel, and we run weekly informal Zoom sessions where we chat about the latest developments. In line with the access description above, we are happy to share access details with you if you drop me an email.