Tobias Weinzierl

Tobias Weinzierl holds a Chair in Computer Science at Durham University. He graduated from Technische Universität München (TUM) in Germany, and completed his habilitation at TUM as well.

Tobias’ research orbits around fundamental algorithmic and implementation challenges that are omnipresent in scientific computing: data movement optimisation, the economic usage of bandwidth, memory and compute facilities, the clever orchestration of tasks, and so forth. Tobias applies his ideas primarily to multigrid methods, hyperbolic equation system solvers and particle methods, though the majority of his research is quite generic by nature. While his work focuses on fundamental algorithms from scientific computing and state-of-the-art mathematics, he always asks how to translate these into working, good code. Tobias’ research influences several open source projects which in turn are used in computational physics, earth sciences and engineering.


Full publication profile (Durham University database)

Summary of habilitation (full text is available from TUM’s library)

Electronic version of my PhD book (proper book available from publisher)


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