ExaHyPE 2(020) – User workshop

We cordially invite colleagues interested in solving hyperbolic PDE systems using high order numerical schemes (in particular Discontinuous Galerkin or Finite Volumes) to the next ExaHyPE User Workshop. In this workshop, we plan to introduce our second generation of ExaHyPE. The workshop will run virtually and, most of the time, asynchronously via Zoom and Slack.

Users are encouraged to bring along “their” PDE of interest. It has to be (strongly) hyperbolic and it should be phrased in first order. We will briefly introduce the ExaHyPE engine before we ask users to give a try and realise their PDE with the engine. Throughout this process, our core developers will be available for help and assistance. Our goal is, within 1 day+, to implement a first version of the PDE of interest and to scale it up to a local supercomputer. This can then be the starting point for a longer collaboration.


Thursday 15/10Friday 16/10
12:00Welcome notes and introduction of vision behind ExaHyPE 209:00-09:30Participants introduce progress so far
12:30-14:00Participants install and configure ExaHyPE 2 on their machine; supported by developers via Slack09:30-12:00Participants work on their own ExaHyPE code; supported by developers via Slack
14:00-14:30Participants pitch what kind of PDE they want to implement within ExaHyPE 212:00Wrap-up
14:30-…Participants work on their own ExaHyPE code; supported by developers via Slack
All time slots are UK time.


All communication runs via the ExaHyPE developer Slack channel.

The first session on Thursday will follow the tutorial videos we have already published for ExaHyPE 2.


We have no formal registration. Please drop Anne Reinarz (anne . k . reinarz at durham . ac . uk) and Tobias Weinzierl (tobias . weinzierl at durham . ac. uk) an email to express your interest. We will then share the Zoom and Slack access details.